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The frustration continued in the final race as Clare led for much of the m.

South Sound Speed Dating

She finished with a time of 2: Despite her disappointment, Clare skated very strong races and finished in 2nd place in the country claiming 5 silver medals AND she has another year to skate in this age class. This was a great finish. Edwin Park skates in the Junior boys class this year. Again, the number of participants was small, so there were only finals in each distance. Edwin's experience was much like Clare's - at the end of each race, he found himself in 2nd place behind Nathan Tomkinson.

The first race was the m. Edwin finished in 2nd place with a strong time of 1: Edwin finished with a time of 1: Next came the the m. Again, Nathan crossed the line just in front of Edwin who finished with a time of 2: On Sunday morning, he was determined to change that. When the gun went off at the start of the m. The final race for the Junior Boys is a m.

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The wind was picking up and Edwin did not have the experience to keep up with Nathan. He finished well back but still in 2nd place with a time of 4: In all, Edwin brought home 1 gold medal m. Jan skated in the Masters III class ages which turned out to be the most hotly contested class of all the masters and of much of the competition. Jan was just glad to be able to skate at all.

After the Wednesday night practice, she suffered a severe muscle cramp in her left leg which remained painful to the touch through all of Friday. However, by Saturday, although it was touchy, she was able to skate. Because there were very few masters ladies, the Masters II class and the Masters IV class were combined with Jan's class for the races. As a result, she finished in 2nd place with a time of 1: So close that neither skater knew who had won. The third race of the day was the first of two m.

This race was won by a strong skater from the East Coast.

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Unfortunately, Jan finished in 3rd place with a time of 2: The points were close. Each of the top 3 skaters had 1 win. In the other two races, Jan had a 2nd and 3rd; Karen had two 2nds; and, Kathy had two 3rds. Jan was behind Karen for top spot by 8 points.

To win the Championship, Jan would have to claim at least a win in one of the final two races and a second in the other. On Sunday morning, the first race was the sprint - m. Jan was ready at the start line when the gun sounded and she sped off. At the end of the race, Jan had claimed 1st place with a time of 0: Now it came down to the finish in the last race - a second crack at that m. If Jan could finish 2nd or better, she would claim the championship. The start was intense. Jan pulled the first part of the race and then pulled out to let someone else lead for a bit.

Luckily, she was able to pull back in in second place behind Kathy. And that's the way the race finished. Kathy finished in 1st place, Jan took second with a time of 2: Jan had won the National Championship by a very slim margin indeed! Congratulations to Kathy and Karen on skating some great races. It was a lot of fun. Also, congratulations to Carole Moore who moved into the Master IV class this year and set 4 new National records for that age class.

Little did they know what they were getting into. When the skaters from the Pacific Northwest arrived at the outdoor Roseville Oval on Wednesday afternoon, they were faced with temperatures around 5 degrees Farenheit and a wind from the North.

These are just some of the different kinds of Meetup groups you can find near Olympia.

When they hit the ice for the second practice after 9: But they were enthusiatic and focused in their practice as they tried to adapt to the larger track. There will be no skating practices from Wednesday, January 27, , through Sunday, January 31, The next ice session will be on Tuesday, February 2, These races are skated pack style and allow the best skaters from across the country to challenge each other in a 5 distance, total points competition.

Age classes for younger skaters are in two year spans and for masters, they are in 10 year spans. Clare Jeong will skate with the Juvenile girls - her first year in this class; and, Edwin Park will compete in the Junior boys - also his first year in the class.

Rounding out our group of eight is Jan Zurcher who will skate in the Masters class. The group is heading out a couple of days early to give the skaters a chance to skate on a long track oval in advance of the competition. While the other skaters have participated in long track competitions in prior years, this will be the first time on the big track for both Aaron and Isaiah.

Olympics years are always good ones for our little known sport. As the interest in the Olympics and athletes from this area peaks ahead of the opening of the games, so does the drive for the media to find local interest stories. This year, the Puget Sound Speedskating Club is one of those local interest stories. KOMO 4 TV came to our club on Sunday and spent about 3 hours taking video of our practice and doing interviews with some of our skaters. Our short track skates have been tucked away for the time being and the rink is filled with the "clop, clop, clop" of long track skates.

Eight skaters are preparing to participate in the U. It's a challenge to train for racing on a m.

Merry Christmas to everyone. A great time was had by all. Thank you parents for all the great food! Thank you to all our volunteers - timers, place judges, starter, track stewards, clerk of the course and recorders. Without your support, this event would not be possible. And, thank you to the Puget Sound Hockey Center staff for giving us great ice for this event.

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Many skaters skated personal bests. And, for many of our new skaters, this was their first opportunity to put their technical skills to the test in real races.

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You all did great!. To see your times, check out the results. In terms of the Challenge Cup races - there was one race for the top 6 men and one race for the top 6 women. On the boys side, Puget Sound skaters swept the top 3 positions. Edwin Park took the first place cup finishing in a time of 1: On the girls side, Clare Jeong won the covetted first place trophy with a time of 1: The second place cup went to Nicole Majesa of British Columbia who finished in a time of 1: Taking the 3rd place trophy was Saree Han who finished in a time of 1: Just a reminder to skaters and parents that our annual interclub competition is this weekend.

Skaters should be at the rink for registration and warm-up by noon. On ice warm-ups will begin at The awards ceremony will follow in the upstairs room at the rink about 30 minutes after the final race is completed and mats have been removed from the ice and stacked. Just a reminder to skaters to get their registrations in for the 4th Annual Puget Sound Challenge Cup. This is a fun event with lots of racing, food and prizes! Winter Games qualifier races. Edwin finished as the top ranked male skater amongst a strong group of about 35 Juvenile, Junior and Intermediate skaters.

The first race was a m. Edwin crossed the line in fourth place with a time of 1: The second event was the m.

Next came the short sprint - the m. Edwin excels in this distance because of his very fast, strong starts.

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