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This poorly performing player is still preferable to motorsports, where Formula 1, WRC, and IndyCar are pay-to-view in most countries. Equipment matters less in CS: GO, as the extreme engineering solutions found in F1 differentiate and divide the playing field more severely than CS: Latency and feel are also a consideration for keyboards, as one of the two vital input devices for competitive gaming.

A processor with a high clock speed is necessary. Tournament organisers follow a different structure in CS: GO than most motorsports. GO Major in England. There is no official governing body, as Valve has never explicitly directed the tournament organisers. There is a rulebook sent to the teams on conduct, rights and technical guidelines, making the sport a more organised affair. As a result, drug tests are more common in motorsports than CS: GO, potentially allowing CS: GO players to take performance enhancers at offline events, giving them an advantage.

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The Concorde Agreement in F1 dictates the TV rights, the prize money distributed to teams and more rules, with the current agreement lasting until , giving the teams and the sanctioning body more clarity on how to operate. This may be necessary in esports in the future, as it will become more professional and outside investment pours in.

However, that is where the differences end. Since then, other teams have started to involve sponsors in their team names, as four teams currently have a title sponsor. GO, Natus Vincere became the first team to follow suit, using game-key seller G2A in their names in-game. Gambit followed suit with CS: Bet as their title sponsor, with the players donning GG. Bet in their names. GO is a game of milliseconds and millimetres. Any decision made on split second timing can have great effect on your performance, good or bad.

In Motorsports, the concept is very similar. Open wheel racing, especially Formula One and IndyCar, race on street circuits, and a millimetre is the difference between hitting the wall and achieving the optimal line through the corner. Likewise, just a millimetre can discriminate between a headshot and a bodyshot.

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The importance of muscle memory on consistently achieving these headshots cannot be understated. Pros regularly have death-match practices and retake server practice. The training regimen consists of pugging, DM practice and re-takes, a major undertaking for regular players.

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For them, it is nothing, as most pro players have clocked up to 4, or more hours on CS: GO, excluding the earlier iterations of Counter Strike. In Motorsports, drivers undergo a different type of training regimen. They train at the gym, mainly to improve their cardiovascular health, strengthen arm and leg muscles, and to build up neck strength.

This is because the spec Formula 1 cars demand higher loads on the human body, and the previous demands of driving have not vanished. Without the practice and muscle memory developed on death-match servers, players simply cannot find the confidence necessary to pull off the round-changing shots that could impact the outcome of a game.

The one year stint at G2 yielded a His current stint with EnVyUs, just over a year long, has only brought a combined rating of 1.

A clear markdown from G2, which yielded two major appearances with the team. A far cry from his quarter final days with G2. Formula 1 is also a sport of confidence. Helmut Marko, an advisor for Red Bull. The young Russian immediately made a great impression, placing top 10 in both the Australian Grand Prix qualifying and race sessions.

His swagger was at an all-time high, after being promoted to the main team after just one season, ahead of elder teammate, Jean-Eric Vergne. Kvyat made the best of it, beating his teammate, Daniel Ricciardo, in the races and in the final points, although was outperformed in qualifying. In , that changed as the year-old failed to get to grips with the new car, and Ricciardo dominated him in the first four races. It is likely that Kvyat knew of the possibility that his seat would be taken by Verstappen, and indeed the switch happened after an abysmal performance at his home grand prix, running into Sebastian Vettel twice, the driver he replaced at Red Bull and finishing outside the points.

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He was demoted back to Toro Rosso while Verstappen went the other way to Red Bull, winning the next grand prix immediately, while Kvyat floundered the rest of the year, only scoring 4 points. The situation got so bad that Kvyat was dropped temporarily from the lineup to trial Pierre Gasly and Brendon Hartley.

Strategies play a big role in both CS: When a team loses the pistol round and other crucial rounds, the team economy can no longer sustain rifle buys and forced to move on to pistol and SMG buys. Counter-Terrorist side can be particularly difficult, where most weapons cost more than their Terrorist counterparts.

The motorsport equivalent would be the three-engine policy per season in Formula 1. So far, the engine manufacturers do not know how long their engines will last. But Renault, one of the manufacturers, believes they will have take pre-planned qualifying penalties , imitating the eco and force buy rounds in CS: This is to give them a better chance in future races. Likewise, they can continue to use the engines as long as they can, but they believe this approach needs to be considered.

Consistently force-buying is not a feasible strategy in professional Counter-Strike, as the team will always have inferior weaponry. Therefore, the teams must utilise a strategic approach or risk losing the game, or championship, based on the decision.

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So, motorsports definitely do have something in common with CS: GO and esports in general. We can expect these similarities to increase, as esports becomes more mainstream and developed, not just in the industry, but in popular culture. As Haas F1 driver Kevin Magnussen attested on Twitter last year, we can expect more fans and players in both scenes to cross over and it will only bring the best of both sides. Both are sports with fast and slow paced action, require incredible skill and reaction time, and have passionate fanbases.

While there are some differences, the similarities more than make up for it. Love the new astralisXjackandjones Jersey! Copenhagen Games On the surface, Counter Strike: The following two tabs change content below. GO, visual novels, family, friends, and good food. And more info and how to activate the six month cooldown prime account matchmaking. It develops the goal of the prime status, another anti-cheat feature. Verizon's family share plan for the steam.

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