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Our commitments Contact us. Print this page Share this page. Supporting those who need it most As a socially responsible business, SNCF builds community by helping the jobless enter the job market. Women in engineering SNCF is a partner in Elles Bougent , an association of successful women who help other women find engineering jobs by reaching out regularly to share their career experience. Recruiting employees with disabilities We already provide accessible environments and specially equipped workstations for over 5, employees with disabilities, and training and career development opportunities are the same for everyone.

Being responsible helps us all win. Via e-mail preferred Address your concerns to alerteethique sncf. At SNCF, skills are all that counts. Three questions for Laurent Thevenet. Does SNCF really hire people with disabilities? What is SNCF doing to help people with disabilities integrate into the workplace? Over SMEs, communities and major corporations count on us for their rail travel needs.

Find out what they have to say. We were looking to streamline our travel costs and wanted greater flexibility in buying tickets. Today the Portail Entreprises is the perfect solution for us.

It's easy to book tickets and handle after-sales transactions. And the portal offers multiple fares for each train and date. The payment portal service is centralized through a lodge card, which makes it easier for our accounting department to track our SNCF purchases. With the Portail, we can put an option on a journey and manage our travel policy—and we can handle exchanges and cancellations ourselves. Our people really appreciate that.

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Having Thalys group fares available on our Portail platform is also a major plus when we travel to Belgium. Finally, we appreciate the professionalism of the client service staff at the Contact Centre, who are always very attentive to users.

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During our one-year trial, the Portal saved us money, was easy to use, and offered flexible booking. Our account manager was helpful and the Contact Centre was responsive—they really listened to our needs. It could have been carnage if not for the Americans.

I saw the gunmen, tied up, lying on the platform. He had blood on his face but didn't appear to be seriously hurt. Dozens of dazed passengers arrived into the Gare du Nord shortly after A second train had to be laid on two hours later for those who had not yet cleared the stringent ID checks by authorities in Arras on time to take the first train.

Belgian media are widely reporting that he entered the train at Brussels Gare de Midi, Matthew Holehouse reports. Abdellah Noumane, a man in his twenties from Antwerp who has been in Syria for two years, said that "libraries, schools hospitals, shopping centres and even nightclubs" are potential targets.

France Terror Train - as it happened, 21 August 2015

All infidels will be killed. He has been photographed with members of Katiba Al-Battar, the group behind the foiled Verviers plot. French police stand outside the main train station in Arras, northern France. I heard the gunshot. There was a lot of noise but I didn't take it seriously. I didn't know what it was, it was only when I came out of the train that I knew it was really something serious. Actually it happened very fast and we were sitting on another part of the train. What happened was a little bit in front.

French rail worker paid £3,500 to do 'absolutely nothing' for 12 years files 'complaint'

After we came out I saw somebody lying down with police beside him. It was a critical situation of panic. Above all we evidently must salute the level-headedness and the determination of the two American passengers who intervened aboard the Thalys today. I want to pay tribute to the support of the passengers we witnessed and the Thalys staff tonight in extremely testing conditions. The minister of the interior has arrived in Arras to oversee the inquiry and the operation there.

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We have been absolutely supported by him. This is absolutely normal in situations like this. We have put in place psychological support for all the passengers and for all the family members who need it. Le Soir, the Belgian paper, suggests a link to the Verviers terrorist network, thought to have been broken up by police earlier this year. Two suspected terrorists were killed in a shoot out with police in Verviers earlier this year. Some Belgians are said to have travelled to Iraq and Syria, possibly the highest per capita ratio of any European country.

David Milward writes that despite armed police patrolling stations across the world, experts have long feared that rail networks were particularly vulnerable to terrorist attack:. Between and there were deaths on aircraft that were attributable to acts of malice. On trains and mass transit there were He calculated that rail passengers were twice as likely to be victims of terrorism as frequent flyers.

They won't want to be ambushed by the media after what has happened.

But some may may wish to speak. You will see the families being reunited. The station master said: But our staff have done a good job. Bernard Cazeneuve, the French interior minister, paid tribute to the Marines as he arrived at the scene, and said. Thanks to them we have averted a drama. The Americans were particularly courageous and showed extreme bravery in extremely difficult circumstances. The President of the Republic is being kept informed in the aftermath of the attack carried out on the Amsterdam - Paris train.

Three people have been injured and two of them are in a critical condition.

get link They are being attended to by emergency services. The aggressor, who has not yet been identified, was arrested at Arras train station, where the interior minister will be shortly. Everything is being done to shed some light on this drama and gain as much as much information about it as possible. The President of the Republic offers his solidarity to those injured and to their loves ones.

The attack took place while the train was passing through Belgium, according to a statement from the office Presidend Francois Hollande. The French actor, Jean-Hugues Anglade, who apparently raised the alarm on the train, has appeared in dozens of French films - most notably Killing Zoe:. Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, has tweeted his support to the victims and gratitude to those who intervened:.

job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015
job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015
job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015
job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015
job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015
job dating sncf 2015 Job dating sncf 2015

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