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That post was written previous to the Siege of the Adriatic and my visit to Ukraine and Belarus. Its cheap, there is plenty f nightlife, and the girls are stunning. I think that 7 out of 10 are stunning girls, with the highest ratio I have seen in my life. Further, the girls are attracted to men from the west. So if you speak English or say you are from western Europe you have a great chance to get laid!! Further, there are the prostitutes.

Again most of them are way above average. And the price is low. Typically between 10 and 30 USD. For more info check out this page: And then use google translate. It usually works this way that you call the girl, and then you give the phone to the taxi driver, who then takes you there. A hot Romanian girl walked right up to me one night in Lipscani recently and picked me up! I was sitting alone at a terrace table outside on of the bars there having a beer minding my own business I think the bar was called Bazaar and she was with a table full of friends next to me.

Ended up dating her for almost 3 months and the sex was amazing! She used to drop her clothes at the drop of a hat and come sit on my lap and ask me if I wanted to fuck her while we were alone drinking together in her flat!! We are about 6 friends, all stags planning to visit Eastern Europe in the end of June and July for say nights, could you please assist us with some good options.

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Yoo people, I will be joining this Bucharest hype very soon… booked to go in january — I hope its as easy as some have said on here. I would also liketo know isit worth booking a table at a top club or shall we just stay in lipscani area? I see a lot of 7s and ocassional 8s but riga, Budapest and Ukraine is much better in terms of quality and flow for myself. I would get an apartment near unirea mall this is best location for daygame and guttergame daygame at night.

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I hear constanza beach is amazing in aug but will have to see for myself to confirm this. I hear boa they put on good shows but must people are stuck at tables and its hard to move around and approach. I spent a terrific week in Bucharest and one of the best 10 days of my life in Brasov. On arrival I was blown away at the communist era architecture, the hype of the city and of course, the gorgeous female inhabitants! You will find that they all speak English, they are super friendly and more than willing to talk to you.

They will dance with you, drink with you and if you play the game well, they are eager to meet you for a second date and go home with you! I went out pretty much every night in old town, I prefer live music venues and had an absolute ball, lots of gorgeous girls who just want to have fun!

My first day there I approached two lovely girls in the street asking for directions that I already knew, chatted for 10 minutes, I said it was really nice to meet them, I went to walk away and the one I was really interested in came running up to me to give me her phone number! I love this place! Got my flag the next night! Following night I made the mistake of succumbing to the advances of a hot American girl, within an hour I she was trying to song me and I took her home an hour later.

The first thing you notice when you get here is the change of pace. Brasov, while busy, is less hectic than Bucharest!

A beautiful setting and with truly beautiful girls. They are very warm, genuine, friendly and super hot! All of them just laughed at me and thought I was crazy coming to Romania in the middle winter from Australia, it was a great ice breaker! I spent time with two lovely girls here, one of which I really, really connected with. It was hard to leave. Guys, what you get here is beautiful women being just that — beautiful women! To surmise, Romanian girls are just lovely in every way, wonderful company, smart, genuine and uncomplicated.

Bicycles everywhere Bicicleta Bar 4. The entire place is a temple to this simple yet great invention.

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From chairs and tables to lights and menus, everything is ingeniously made from bicycle parts. Now it is more popular and has shifted to a lounge bar, serving homemade international dishes like Harira soup or chicken Saag. Open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, often hosting parties on Fridays.

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Theater, club and restaurant La Scena 3. La Scena is one of the best places in town for offstage theatrical performances, stand-up comedy shows and concerts. You may as well enjoy a drink and some reasonably priced culinary tidbits on the shady terrace in summer, along with the actors performing on stage in the evening. The best club in Romania! Kristal Glam Club 3. This is where the most incredible events in the city happen. Besides the prizes, it gained a loyal local following by hosting top local and international DJs.

Music Club was founded in as a place dedicated to high quality live music. Situated in a recently restored beautiful old building, the entire setup including the stage, lights and sound system was designed to give guests the best live concert experience imaginable. Locals love this place as many Romanian bands launch there albums here. The oldest music club in Bucharest Club A 3. Students from the University of Architecture founded Club A back in the 60s.

It was the first club where locals could listen and dance to music from the west. The true rock of Bucharest Que Pasa 3. We love this place because of the feeling of artsy decrepitness with a touch of Pantera, Jimmy Hendrix, NOLA, Metallica combined with like minded people painters and architects. Explore the most famous buildings of the communist period and learn how people lived under the dictatorship.

Best champagne in Bucharest Cava 2. Great crowd, good music. Amazing place to meet a wide range of young locals and make friends on a Friday or Saturday night. A charming little place in Bucharest Mon Amour Caffe 2. It is a stone's throw away from the Ioanid park, a small but enchanting and mysterious one. Trendsetting for over 20 years Studio Martin 2. If you're into house music, then Studio Martin is the place for you.

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The atmosphere inspires freedom and fun and of course the large amount of quality alcohol has an influence upon this. The DJ knows his stuff, nobody judges you. The program includes live folk music on Tuesday and Thursday, karaoke on Wednesday, clubbing each Friday and Saturday, and projections of old movies on Sunday evening and Mondays. They have a very hidden place, so you should come here consciously!

The ground floor is the main hall - a long shared table, then their underground wine room is used for tastings, or larger group reservations. The have an outstanding wine collection and you can actually see the bottles stored all around: Unravel the mystery behind the Legend of Dracula!

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I loved it because of its normal bar-like look. You know that now there are all these fancy cafes and bars where you pay more for less and sit uncomfortably on fancy chairs. This is not such a bar. The location is great. It was right in the center of things and a very easy walk to some of the major attractions and restaurants. Stayed for two nights and there where no cleaning of the room at all while we where there.

Also our room had a strange odor first night when we checked in. The smell "almost" disappeared when opening the windows over night. Close to the centre of the city.

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The swimming area in the cellar was an ok feature. I really liked the swimming pool and the sauna. Did not have the time to try a massage.

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