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Aline Dahmen Founder of Nomad Soulmates , creator of this group. Please do not send private messages to Aline Dahmen, Sebastien Pelletier or any of the admins of the group. We prefer to communicate via email info nomadsoulmates. This is an absolute no-go in our Facebook Community and we will ban you immediately from the group.

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Please send an email to aline nomadsoulmates. If you are a backer of our Indiegogo campaign and you purchased the promotion package, you can make use of our agreement. Please do not try to host a Facebook Live session inside the group. Facebook announced Places on August 18, It is a feature that lets users check into Facebook using a mobile device to let a user's friends know where they are at the moment. In November , Facebook announced "Deals", a subset of the Places offering, which allows for users to check in from restaurants, supermarkets, bars, and coffee shops using an app on a mobile device and then be rewarded discounts, coupons, and free merchandise.

This feature is marketed as a digital version of a loyalty card or coupon where a customer gets rewarded for loyal buying behavior. The Facebook Platform provides a set of APIs and tools which enable third-party developers to integrate with the "open graph", whether through applications on Facebook. Launched on May 24, , Facebook Platform has evolved from enabling development just on Facebook. Third party companies such as Adonomics, Kontagent, and Mixpanel provide application metrics, and blogs such as AppRate, Inside Facebook, and Face Reviews have sprung up in response to the clamor for Facebook applications.

On August 29, , Facebook changed the way in which the popularity of applications is measured, to give attention to the more engaging applications, following criticism that ranking applications only by the number of people who had installed the application was giving an advantage to the highly viral , yet useless applications. Tech blog Valleywag has criticized Facebook Applications, labeling them a "cornucopia of uselessness". Others have called for limiting third-party applications so the Facebook "user experience" is not degraded.

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Primarily attempting to create viral applications is a method that has certainly been employed by numerous Facebook application developers. Numerous applications created by the class were highly successful, and ranked amongst the top Facebook applications, with some achieving over 3. In May , Facebook began testing Questions, which is expected to compete with services such as Yahoo!

On March 24, , Facebook announced that its new product, Facebook Questions, facilitates short, poll-like answers in addition to long-form responses, and also links directly to relevant items in Facebook's directory of "fan pages". Facebook allows users to upload photos, and to add them to albums. In December , the company enabled facial recognition technology, helping users identify people to tag in uploaded photos.

In May , Facebook started allowing users to upload and view degree photos. Mobile users will move their device around to navigate the environment, while website users will have to click and drag. According to Facebook in , there were over 50 billion photos stored on the service. In May , Facebook officially launched its video platform, allowing users to upload recorded videos or livestream videos from their webcams. The service supports the ability to "tag" friends in similar ways to photos. In January , Facebook published a report detailing a significant growth in video viewing on the platform, specifically highlighting the fact that Facebook has seen an average of one billion video views every day since June In September , Facebook announced that it would begin showing view counts for publicly posted videos.

On the website, users can click around to change the perspective, whereas mobile users can physically move their device to interact with the virtual space. The result is the work of a collaboration between Facebook and its Oculus division. In August , Facebook began to allow users to live stream video. Streams appear on the News Feed, and users can comment on them in real-time. Live broadcasts are automatically saved as a video post to the streamer's page.

The feature was positioned as a competitor to services such as Meerkat and Periscope. The feature was initially available only to verified public figures through the Facebook Mentions app which is also exclusive to these users. In April , Facebook unveiled a live-streaming API , aimed to allow developers to use any device, including professional video cameras and drones , to integrate with the live-video streaming platform.

In March , Facebook extended live-streaming support to PCs. This is limited to the CEA standard, a notable difference from the automatic closed captioning available for Page videos that are recorded and then uploaded, due to difficulties in adapting the same standard at scale on the low-latency real-time nature for live content.

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At the end of , Facebook Live was updated to offer support for livestreaming Facebook Messenger games. During the same week as its tenth anniversary, Facebook launched the Paper iPhone app. The app consists of two major features: Facebook Mentions, initially an iOS -only app, was released by the company in It allows public figures with a verified account to engage with their respective fanbases in a more concentrated experience.

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The update also enabled the first livestreaming functionality through Facebook Live. In November Facebook made changes to their text-only status update on Timeline to allow for adjustable text sizes dynamic text on mobile apps. Facebook Credits are a virtual currency users can use to buy gifts, and virtual goods in many games and applications on the Facebook platform. Although like all other website apps Facebook made its presence on the smartphones as mentioned but also is present for the feature phones.

As the company said that the feature phones dominate the American cell phone markets hence an app was exclusively made for this purpose as well. Released in July , Graph Search allows users to search within their network of friends for answers to natural language questions such as, "Movies my friends who like The Hobbit liked" and receive direct answers, rather than the list of websites that search engines usually provide. According to a June report by Network World , Facebook said that it was offering "experimental, non-production" support for IPv6 , the long-anticipated upgrade to the Internet's main communications protocol.

The news about Facebook's IPv6 support was expected; Facebook told Network World in February , that it planned to support native IPv6 user requests "by the midpoint of this year". In a presentation at the Google IPv6 Implementors Conference, Facebook's network engineers said it was "easy to make [the] site available on v6". Facebook said it deployed dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 support on its routers, and that it made no changes to its hosts in order to support IPv6.

Facebook's IPv6 services are available at www.

Listen with Friends allows Facebook users to listen to music and discuss the tunes using Facebook Chat with friends at the same time. Users can also listen in as a group while one friend acts as a DJ.


Up to 50 friends can listen to the same song at the same time, and chat about it. Users will have control over who will be able to see when they are listening with a friend through their App Settings page after installing the compatible music app. Recently, it has also become possible to post larger, animated images through Facebook's built in emotion system. At an event in April , Mark Zuckerberg announced a new Android-based "Home" feature, which would show content from users' Facebook pages on the home page of their mobile phones, without having to open an app.

Since Facebook's inception, users have had the ability to "poke" other users. The feature, its actual purpose never officially explained by the company, served as a quick way to attract the attention of another user. People interpret the poke in many different ways, and we encourage you to come up with your own meanings. Many smartphones offer access to the Facebook services either through their respective web browsers or through mobile apps.

The iPhone -compatible website was launched in August , followed by a dedicated iOS app in July CEO Mark Zuckerberg told Fortune that such a decision was "probably one of the biggest mistakes we've ever made". As Android and iOS rose in popularity, Facebook shifted its focus, creating dedicated apps for each platform.


However, Facebook was still not entirely convinced, using a "hybrid" solution of native computing code as a sort of "picture frame" for its mobile website. Mashable described it as a "one-size-fits-all nightmare". Third-party companies also created Facebook apps for their platforms. Microsoft developed a Facebook app for their Windows Phone 7 platform in February , [] Nokia offered a Facebook app on its Ovi Store for Nokia S60 devices in June , [] while BlackBerry also offered a Facebook application for its software platform in September In December , Facebook enabled a "Donate" button for charities and non-profit organizations to raise money.

In turn, friends can respond with their own comments, as well as clicking the "Like" button. Originally, the purpose of the feature was to allow users to inform their friends of their current "status", including feelings, whereabouts, or actions, where Facebook prompted the status update with " Username is" This feature first became available in September , though on December 13, , the requirement to start a status update with is was removed.

The is updates were followed by the "What are you doing right now? Tagging has since been updated to recognize friends' names by typing them into a status while a list of friends whose names match the inputted letters appears.

A large percentage of the updates that are posted are humorous and as a result, many apps, websites and books have sprung up to help users to update their own.

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