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Best Couples From We Got Married on MBC (with Pictures)

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We got married as fast as we could

It's focused on dramas, but a lot of websites that offer dramas will also have variety shows available. Help Is there a couple in We Got Married that dated in real life? I've been binging on We Got Married nowadays. Romance was really sizzling and the chemistry was off the charts! Is there a couple in We Got Married that actually dated in real life? Hwang Jung Eum and Kim Yong Jun appeared on season 2, and they were the very first real couple that the show had on.

As in, they were already a couple when they were invited to do the show. In the midst of their filmings, it was revealed that Jung HyungDon was dating Han YuRa who is now his wife , and the netizens demanded that they get pulled off the show.

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When rumors hit that she was dating her co-star Lee JangWoo , although they denied dating, their fake marriage soon came to an end. One of the hottest scandals. She was very nice. I thought she might be like, "What have you done to my poor son?

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We had a baby girl in July. It's all terribly romantic. I'm sickly sweet and happy. I still have butterflies in my tummy when I see him. It's the best thing I have ever done in my life. It was a total whirlwind, but I don't regret any of it for a moment. I grew up in Jersey very close to where Andy grew up.

We both went to the same primary school but never met. Then he went to the boys' school that was twinned with my girls' school, and I knew loads of people in his year — but again we never met. Then we both moved to London and got jobs in the music industry, but still we never met.


About five years ago, Andy was randomly flicking through the TV channels and saw me being interviewed on a music show. He had a premonition that he was meant to be with me. He got hold of my email from the drummer in my band and in December wrote to me out of the blue. I was snowed in in Edinburgh trying to get back to London for a gig and had a few hours to kill so was just catching up on emails when his popped through. So we started an email conversation. A couple of weeks later, over Christmas, I went on holiday with my cousin. I had been engaged earlier that year to someone and it had spectacularly exploded. We'd booked ourselves an all-inclusive trip to the Caribbean and decided we were going to live like we were in a George Gissing novel and just swear off men for ever.

But every day I found myself waiting for Andy's email and every day I would write back. So at 6pm on 4 January we met in London, at Wapping tube station. I got out of the cab, looked at him and thought, I'm marrying this man.

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I can't explain, he even smelled right. It was like I'd known him my whole life. We looked at each other, gave each other a chaste little kiss, held hands and walked to a nearby pub. I had a port and lemon and he had a whisky and we sat chatting. Half an hour later, he said: I think we should get married.

A week later we booked our wedding. We decided to get married on Valentine's day. My parents live in Australia and I called my mum to tell her and she said: I think you're making a big mistake.

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When I told her it was someone else, there was a really long silence, then she said: I talked to my brother about it and introduced him to Andy and immediately he understood. He called my parents and somehow, six weeks from the day we met, we pulled together a wedding. Andy met my parents the night before and the moment they met him nobody thought it was weird.

Everyone said, "Of course these two people should be together, they are just like two peas in a pod. It's really hard to articulate something that is such a gut instinct. I can only say that all the weird coincidences supported how we felt. When we met, we were both reading The Dice Man , which is all about probability and chance. We have been lucky. We could have got married and the honeymoon period could have worn off and it could have gone completely tits up but it hasn't.

We met when I was I'm now 37, and have been married for four and a half years. We now also have a son called Wolfie, who's nearly one. Now I can't imagine how I was ever with anybody else.

5 We Got Married Couples That Rumoured to be Dating While on The Show

I'm a big believer in chemistry, not just sexual chemistry, but spiritual chemistry. You can't manufacture that.

dating after we got married Dating after we got married
dating after we got married Dating after we got married
dating after we got married Dating after we got married
dating after we got married Dating after we got married
dating after we got married Dating after we got married

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